Thousands of books are available to help pastors better serve their flocks but only a handful exist to show churches how to encourage and protect their pastors. This is unfortunate because pastors often endure considerable pressure and pain. The very churches that should be shelters from storm have become unsafe environments for many pastors. They need more help from the body of Christ. Like Onesiphorus, the caring believer who refreshed and helped a suffering apostle, God can use Christians to minister to ministers (2 Tim 1:15-18).

The following is a draft copy (Footnotes aren’t shown here. Rewrites and professional editing will follow) of a devotional book that I am writing. The goal of Rev Up! How to Minister to Ministers is to help Christians and churches know how to better give their pastors a lift. I am looking for pastors and lay people who will read the following devotionals and then add their comments. Please rate each devotional on a 1 to 5 scale and let me know if I am on target. Are there things that should be added or deleted? Are there further topics that should be considered? Do you have positive or negative examples to share? Are there resources that would help this project? This devotional will be used by many churches and your suggestions could aid a lot of pastors and congregations. Thanks for your help!